Other related services

In order to help foreigners to get visas more conveniently and quickly, we offer other related services.

Academic certificate

  • If you have obtained a degree from a foreign university, you can help us with the qualifications. The required materials include:
  • a recent ID photo
  • Degree certificate or diploma of higher education
  • All passports of applicants during their study abroad (including the first page of the passport, the personal information page, the last page, the signature page of the person, and all the visa records and entry and exit records during the period of study abroad)
  • Authorized statement by the applicant
Processing: 5-7 working days

Document translation

Translation material types include:
  • Business plan
  • academic certificate
  • Invitation to China
  • etc.
The specific cost of this service depends on the type of translation, word count and timeliness.

Accounting agency

Agency accounting If your registered company does not have the conditions to set up an accounting institution or an accounting staff separately, you can entrust our agent to do so. Our business scope includes:
  • Organize original documents and accounting documents
  • Issue financial statements (balance sheet, profit statement)
  • Monthly tax return and tax payment, annual income tax settlement
  • New company country tax declaration
  • etc.