Work visa

Foreigners willing to work in China need to apply for a work visa.

If you meet one of the conditions

  • Foreigners who have registered a company and want to run business in China as a partner or legal representative of the company
  • Foreigners who have been employed by companies in China


  • Confirm the type of visa
  • Prepare materials
  • Review the documents
  • Apply for a work permit
  • Apply for a residence permit in China
  • After about 22 working days, go to the Exit and Entry Administration to get your visa.


For company:

  • Scanning of legal representative’s identity card
  • Scanning of business license
  • Official seal
  • Scanning of handling person’s ID card
  • Handling person’s social security or labor contract
  • Applicant's labor contract


  • A valid copy of passport and visa
  • Copy of no crime certificate
  • Copy of academic certificate
  • Copy of work qualification certificate
  • Copy of health certificate
  • Applicant's 2-inch photo within 6 months
After the application materials have all been prepared, the process will be completed within 22 working days (can be expedited according to the conditions, expedited 3-5 working days).